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The Enterprise and I At the age of five and a half, I saw my first episode of Star Trek, believing it to be a show about a strange airplane that only flew at night.  As I continued watching, I discovered what those points of light in the sky really were.  This awakened a lifelong fascination with space, science and speculative fiction.  I devoured Asimov, Clarke, and books on astronomy and physics.  I often made up Trek-universe stories set a century after Kirk’s adventures (an idea years ahead of its time), but soon shifted to creating my own original universe.  I eventually realized I did this pretty well, and deluded myself into thinking I could make a career out of it.  So far, that delusion has been working out for me.


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Arachne’s Crime: Book 1 of an interstellar saga in the universe of Among the Wild Cybers and Only Superhuman. The crew of the starship Arachne makes first contact in the worst possible way, accidentally destroying a vast alien space habitat. Put on trial by the survivors, the crew must choose whether to accept a lifetime of penance… or fight for their freedom at any cost. Read Chapter 1 now on Patreon!


Arachne’s Exile: Book 2 of the Arachne duology expands the saga of crime and consequences to a galactic scale, as the crew of Arachne is drawn into a cosmic conspiracy spanning millennia — and learns that humanity may be the victim of a far more ancient crime.


Further Arachne/Troubleshooter Universe fiction:

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ST Higher Frontier coverStar Trek: The Original Series — The Higher Frontier

An all-new Star Trek movie-era adventure featuring James T. Kirk!

Investigating the massacre of a telepathic minority, Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise confront a terrifying new threat: faceless, armored hunters whose extradimensional technology makes them seemingly unstoppable. Kirk must team with the powerful telepath Miranda Jones and the enigmatic Medusans to take on these merciless killers in an epic battle that will reveal the true faces of both enemy and ally!

Available at:


Further Star Trek fiction:

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STA Strange New WorldsStar Trek Adventures: Strange New Worlds: Mission Compendium Vol. 2

Strange New Worlds: Mission Compendium Volume 2 presents nine ready-to-play missions for Star Trek Adventures. Within this book Gamemasters will find the means to test their Starfleet officers while encountering a variety of strange new worlds and the lifeforms they contain.

Features nine adventure campaigns including one by me, The Whole of the Law.

Available from:


Further Star Trek Adventures campaigns:

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Crimes of the Hub cover

Crimes of the Hub

The hapless heroes of Hub Space return with new jobs, new allies, and new adventures at the heart of the galaxy, in a novel expanded and revised from stories originally appearing in Analog.

Just when cynical space pilot Nashira Wing has finally started to enjoy helping David LaMacchia with his clueless quest to crack the secrets of the Hub Network, he’s hijacked by a crew of kittenish thieves and trapped in the treasure vault of a far older civilization. What he finds there gives Nashira a shot at the score of a lifetime—but changes David’s life in ways that threaten their friendship. To keep the devious masters of the Hub from getting their tentacles on Nashira’s prize, she and David must mend frayed relationships and navigate new ones, all while facing adventures in larceny, sex, bureaucracy, hyperspatial geometry, and radical body modification. Can they come through it all with their hearts, their identities, and their dignity intact?

Now in trade paperback! Available from:

And as an e-book from:


Further Hub fiction:

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“The Cat Who Chased Her Tail Through Time”: The first story I ever tried to sell, written in 1991. A hard-science fantasy about a cosmic adventure of my family cats.

“The Moving Finger Writes”: A time traveler, weary from years of failed efforts to alter the past, finally tracks down the ancient creators of the time-travel network and demands answers. But has his own fate already been written?

“They Also Serve”: A character vignette taking place just before Only Superhuman, focusing on Emerald Blair’s mentor Arkady Nazarbayev.

“Growth Industry”: A Power Rangers/Super Sentai pastiche poking affectionate fun at certain awkward questions of logic and tactics raised by the franchise.

“Conventional Powers”: Reprinting a tale of Emerald Blair (the Green Blaze) originally published in Analog. Visit a superhero convention… in a world of actual superheroes!

“Abductive Reasoning”: FREE reprint of the 2017 Analog story. A humorous tale of a first contact between a UFO believer and a real alien, which doesn’t go at all the way either one expects.




Spider-Man Drowned in Thunder Dreamscape coverSpider-Man: Drowned in Thunder

New re-release of the 2013 GraphicAudio adaptation of my 2008 Spider-Man novel, now published by Dreamscape Media.

  • “Author Christopher L. Bennett… has found that elusive balance… accurately capturing both the flippant and the pensive aspects of everyone’s favorite web-headed wall-crawler, as well as pinning down the personalities of Spidey’s supporting cast members…. Bennett demonstrates that he has a strong grasp on Spidey canon, delivering a compelling action tale that’s also an engrossing character study.” — R. J. Carter, The Trades
  • Audiobook edition declared one of the Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Audio Theater Audiobooks of 2013 by AudioFile Magazine

Available from:


Footprints in the Stars

Footprints in the Stars (Beyond the Cradle Book 2)

To follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before, first we must find them.

Dreaded hope settles over mankind as we stare into the heavens, looking for a sign we are not alone. Fearing we will find it, puzzled when we don’t.

Among the stars or in our own backyard, lose yourself in the wonder of these tales as we humbly posit mankind’s reaction to the awesome certainty that ‘they’ are out there…or at least, they were…

Footprints in the Stars

With stories by Gordon Linzner, Ian Randal Strock, Robert Greenberger, Dayton Ward, Aaron Rosenberg, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Jody Lynn Nye, Christopher L. Bennett, James Chambers, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Russ Colchamiro, Judi Fleming, and Bryan J.L. Glass

Featuring “The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of,” a brand-new tale of the founder of Only Superhuman‘s Troubleshooter Corps!

Available from:



“The Melody Lingers”: My first published fantasy story, a tale of magic and grief channeled through music, appearing in issue #39 of Galaxy’s Edge Magazine.

Available in paperback from:

And digitally from:



“Twilight’s Captives”: Original novelette appearing in Jan/Feb 2017 Analog Science Fiction and Fact, still available on Magzter 

“Abductive Reasoning”: A comedy short story in the September/October 2017 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact, still available on Magzter

“The Caress of a Butterfly’s Wing”: Original novelette appearing in Buzzy Mag

“No Dominion”: Original novelette appearing in DayBreak Magazine


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