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Last night on the TrekBBS, Ian McLean said one of the nicest things I’ve ever heard said about my debut novel, Star Trek: Ex Machina:

…”Ex Machina” is the movie, complete with characters and costumes, which I wanted to see in the cinemas a few weeks after TMP had been running.

That book’s been getting a lot of compliments lately.  I recently got an e-mail from one of the computer-graphics artists who worked on the Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture (also a veteran of Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise), who wanted to tell me how much he appreciated the book — which is the second time that’s happened.

And in another TrekBBS thread asking readers to propose their dream Trek publishing schedules for 2011, there are a lot of nominations for an ExM sequel.  That’s a sentiment I often hear, and I’d love to do one, but apparently Pocket’s sales department doesn’t think there’s a market for one.

Still, even if it’s more of a cult favorite than a mainstream one, I’m gratified by the affection people have for ExM.  It was a dream project of mine for a long time.  TMP was a movie that had a lot of impact on me.  Spock’s epiphany in the film about the value of emotion paralleled — and may have influenced — a similar realization in my own life.  I lost my mother when I was young, and I dealt with the grief by trying to emulate Spock and bury my feelings — which naturally turned out badly, since they just built up until they erupted.  Spock’s acceptance of the value of “this simple feeling” resonated with my own life, and so I always wanted to see a fuller exploration of Spock’s journey in the wake of the movie.  It always surprised me that none of the novels ever picked up on this.  But I was delighted that I got to be the one to do it at last.

More notes, annotations, and links pertaining to Ex Machina are available on my website here:


Hey, those were my first annotations too!

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