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Happy hebdomadiversary!

Or septimanaeversary, depending on whether you prefer the earlier or later Latin word for a seven-day period.  Written Worlds is now a week old.  Time to look back and review that first week.

In those first seven days, not counting today (Sunday December 6), I’ve created 14 posts, an average of two per day.  However, it’s hardly been so regular:

  1. Nov. 29: 6 posts
  2. Nov. 30: 1 post
  3. Dec. 1: 2 posts
  4. Dec. 2:  1 post
  5. Dec. 3: 2 posts
  6. Dec. 4: 1 post
  7. Dec. 5: 1 post

So far I’ve defined five cagetories (Cats, My Fiction, Reviews, Science, and Star Trek) and created 23 tags, the most-used of which are “books” and “Star Trek,” followed by “My original fiction.”

According to the stats page, I’ve had the following numbers of visits to my site each day (I assume this is by visits and not by visitors):

  1. Nov. 29: 253
  2. Nov. 30: 231
  3. Dec. 1: 107
  4. Dec. 2:  75
  5. Dec. 3: 65
  6. Dec. 4: 34
  7. Dec. 5: 107

I was getting worried there as the week went on and the visits plummeted.  Was I that boring?  But the uptick Saturday (which was underway well before I posted the Cleopatra’s Needle thread) was heartening.  I guess a lot of people save their blog visits for the weekend when they’re less busy.  Although my second day was a Monday and I got a ton of visits, I guess because of the novelty of the site.

The stats page has other useful info, like what sites people are linking here from.  That’s reassured me that people are actually visiting my webpage.  Better, that they’re going there first and then coming here.  Most of my referrals, though, are from the TrekBBS, no doubt from the Written Worlds link in my signature.

I’m hoping the page will become more actively visited when I have new work coming out or news about upcoming projects.  At this point, I guess I should be gratified that it’s getting any significant activity at all.

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  1. Laura
    December 7, 2009 at 5:16 am

    Does it tell you when people are visiting via their readers? I never visit blogs (apart from leaving comments) as I read it all through my Google Reader.

    • December 7, 2009 at 8:35 am

      The stat pages for individual posts do list both “on-site views” and “syndicated views.” I’m not sure what “syndicated views” are, but maybe they’re the same thing you’re referring to.

  2. December 13, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    Syndicated views are the number of views of a post through the RSS feeds.

    I don’t know how they actually track that. With my self-hosted WordPress blog, I don’t get the syndicated stats, though I have a pretty good idea, through studying my website access logs, how many readers I have through feeds (and, in some cases, who and where they are).

    There’s more discussion on the topic here.

    One thing to keep in mind is that as your syndication stats go up, you may see a decrease in your web stats — if someone is reading your blog post through their feed reader, they won’t necessarily need to visit your blog. If they want to leave a comment, sure. But just to read your words? Probably not.

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