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Another EX MACHINA mention

My name showed up again on TrekMovie.com, this time in an article examining all the merchandise associated with Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  It’s mainly about the huge merchandising blitz that accompanied the original film, but in the final section of the article, author John Tenuto covers TMP-related merchandise that’s come out in more recent years, including the following:

A 2005 novel by Christopher L. Bennett named “Ex Machina” was set almost the day after the events of TMP.

It actually begins exactly 10 days after TMP ends, but what’s a few days among friends?

There’s also a mention of this year’s TMP-anniversary Hallmark ornaments, the Klingon cruiser and the Ilia probe.  I got a sneak peek of these back at the Shore Leave convention in July, courtesy of my friend and fellow author Kevin Dilmore, whose day job is at Hallmark.

And though I’m grateful for the callout, ExM isn’t the only work of fiction to have dealt with the timeframe immediately surrounding TMP.  The early Pocket novel The Prometheus Design is set shortly after TMP and touches on its aftereffects on Spock, though oddly the book has Spock reversing his epiphany about emotion and going the other way into a “hyper-Vulcan” mode.  Diane Duane’s story “Night Whispers” in the anthology Star Trek: Enterprise Logs is a tale of Captain Will Decker that leads immediately into TMP, and is referenced in ExM.  Marvel Comics, in addition to their 1979-82 comic series in the TMP era, did a 1998 miniseries called Untold Voyages with one issue in each year of the “second five-year mission” that’s generally assumed to follow TMP.  The first issue comes right after TMP and explains how Kirk was allowed to keep the Enterprise after the movie.  It’s not in the same continuity as ExM, however.

Meanwhile, I’ve been wondering if it was a coincidence that Richard Branson and Burt Rutan unveiled their “VSS Enterprise” on the same day as TMP’s 30th anniversary.

  1. December 9, 2009 at 8:47 pm

    I doubt coincidence as an explanation for Branson’s actions. He or his people are savvy enough to play with the Enterprise mystique just by using the name? They can be savvy enough to play off of the anniversary timing as well.

    Not a bad thing in this particular instance, mind you…

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