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Last night — or technically this morning — I finished the short story I’ve been writing recently.  I followed my usual pattern of starting off slowly and then picking up speed and momentum toward the end, but more so than usual.  It’s really been coming slowly since I started, but over the past couple of days I finally buckled down and got some momentum.  Yesterday, despite cold and intensely windy weather, I went to a library on campus so I could work without distractions, something that often helps and that I should’ve done sooner.  I got to a point in the story where things were heading toward the climax, and usually when that happens I’m pretty much compelled to keep going.  I got a lot nearer the end yesterday evening, but then I decided I was getting sleepy and should turn in and finish it the next morning.  But as I was getting ready for bed, I found myself filled with ideas about the climax and resolution, and I realized I just had to get them written down right away.  So I turned my computer back on and wrote the rest, finishing sometime after midnight.  Then I went through it again today for a polish.

Did it turn out well?  At the moment, I think so, though I’m too close to say for sure.  One good thing, it’s short, only 6700 words.  I haven’t generally been good at writing things that short, but there are more markets for a story of that length.  And I think it’s got some interesting ideas and stylistic elements in it.  I was heavily influenced by the anime series Serial Experiments Lain, although the core concept being explored is one of my own.  And as I mentioned in an earlier post, the main character and setting are the same ones from a spec novel I’ve written and can hopefully sell once I find an agent.  The story takes place before the novel, and it’s been a tricky balancing act to establish this character and her backstory in a way that’s cohesive and satisfying within the story itself yet still leaves surprises for the novel to reveal.  Although the much shorter length helps in that regard.  At the same time, I’m concerned she might have too much backstory for the short form.  I’m hoping it isn’t cluttered.

I’d like to do more stories in this milieu, but not necessarily with this character.  I’m not sure yet whether I’ll do that next or something else.  I’ve got various possibilities to consider.


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