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Murphy’s Law of glassware

It seems there’s some kind of cosmic law that when you get a set of drinking glasses, they will systematically break until you have only one left, which will last forever.  This was particularly the case with a set of four tumblers I bought just over a year ago.  They were really nice tumblers, tall and sturdy with thick glass and solid construction, or so it seemed.

A few months ago, I had all four of these big, heavy glasses in the bottom tier of my fold-up wooden draining rack (which looks like this), and I made the mistake of emptying the top tier first.  That left a lot of weight to one side of the center of mass, so the whole rack tilted and dumped the glasses into the sink.  Two of the four broke.  Just like that, I’d lost half the set.

This morning, I was doing the dishes I’d forgotten to do last night.  At this point, I have five remaining tumblers of this size, two from the new set and three orphans left over from three other, older sets.  Naturally, it was while I was washing the inside of one of the two new ones that the soapy, wet glass popped out of my hands and shattered on the kitchenette floor.  I was wearing socks, no shoes, so I was trapped by the sink, with broken glass between me and the exit.  So I kept my feet firmly planted while I retrieved the cloth and finished the dishes.  Then I gingerly repositioned my feet so I could reach the towel drawer, and I got a towel to brush clear a path in the floor so I could get out, put on my shoes, then go to the closet and get a whisk and dustpan.

So now all my tumblers of this size are orphans — four of them from four different sets.   Of the four I bought just over a year ago, three are now broken.  And yet the oldest tumbler in my set, a black-tinted, narrow-based one that’s slightly smaller than the others, has endured seemingly forever.  It’s like the Rio Grande on Deep Space Nine — the one runabout that perpetually survives while all the other keep crashing and blowing up.

Man, I wish I could afford to move to a place with a dishwasher.  At this point, I can’t even afford new tumblers.

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