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A bit of info about Abramsverse novels

Over on, there’s an interview with John Van Citters of CBS Licensing, talking about all the stuff coming up in Star Trek merchandise and tie-ins.  It includes a little bit about the status of Abramsverse tie-in fiction:

A few weeks ago Pocket Books announced that it was postponing four books planned for 2010 that were tied into the 2009 Star Trek movie. All were stand-alone stories set after the movie. And it appears that it was the time setting of these books that was the issue. Van Citters explains:

“It was decided that the upcoming sequel is best served by having JJ [Abrams] and his team tell the stories of what happens next for these characters. That doesn’t mean we wont have stories taking place in this timeline, and that doesn’t necessarily mean we wont have stories taking place in the alternate timeline before the next movie is released.”

According to Van Citters, CBS, Pocket Books and Bad Robot are currently working together on a plan for books tied to the movie universe. As for the four books that have already been written, Van Citters noted that their status is “on hold” and there was still no determination on when we will see them.

So it sounds like they may have decided it’s a better idea to go with prequels to the movie for now, rather than the followups that Alan Dean Foster, David Mack, Greg Cox, and I were hired to do.   As for those books, including my own Seek a Newer World, there’s no real news, but at least there’s no bad news.  “On hold” is still better than “cancelled.”  And at least this offers some clarification on why the books were suspended.  It suggests that, as many have speculated, the books were postponed for fear of contradiction with the next movie.  And that suggests that maybe once the next movie is done, it’ll be possible to publish these books after all (with whatever tweaks are necessary to be consistent with it).  Let’s hope so.

Seek a Newer World solicitation cover

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