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How to dismember a recliner chair

My father got some new furniture for his new apartment recently, and he wanted to get rid of his old recliner.  As it happened, I had a far older recliner that was halfway fallen apart, and let him know that I’d happily take his chair so long as transportation could be arranged (his chair couldn’t fit in the car).  Today, he got some help cleaning up from the service that helped him move, and the woman in charge of said service agreed to bring the chair in her van and help me get it inside.  I was able to carry it most of the way myself and only needed her help getting it down the stairs.

However, getting rid of the old chair was a whole other matter, and she declined to risk injury by helping me.  The chair was a massive Barcalounger somewhere between 20 and 30 years old, and not only was it pretty heavy, but I was concerned it might break while being carried.  And alas, I don’t really know any of the neighbors here; it’s not a very social apartment complex, apparently.

So I figured that since it was falling apart anyway, I might as well help it along.  At first I couldn’t find any accessible screws to remove, so I just applied some muscle and broke off the right side panel that was halfway broken off anyway.  But the left side panel wouldn’t come loose.  The board underneath that the metal frame was attached to had lost a bolt on one side, but the bolt on the other side was solidly attached and rusted to its nut, and I didn’t have the tools to deal with it.  I made some futile efforts to break it apart, with no luck.

Then I started using my head.  I saw that breaking off the side panel had left some screws accessible.  So I unscrewed those in the hopes that something would come loose.  It did, but I still had to unhook a rusty old spring.  That still didn’t free the other side.  But more investigation revealed that the aforementioned board was still attached to the left side panel by a metal bracket with three screws, whereas those screws had come loose on the other side.  Unscrewing those let me break off the left panel and get access to more screws holding the seat on.

And so on.  Piece by piece, I unscrewed everything I could from the metal frame.  The trickiest part was reaching the screws inside the chair back and then getting the front half of the back piece  apart from the back half that raised up the headrest.  I had to cut through the connecting fabric piece and then break a narrow wooden slat to get them apart.  And before that, I had to get in an uncomfortable position to reach the screws.  And I hadn’t adequately warmed up or stretched, or I’m just out of shape, because I got a couple of rather painful cramps in my left calf and foot, though fortunately they were short-lived.

So finally I had the chair broken into about a half dozen pieces plus assorted detritus.  Let’s see: the metal frame with headrest and footrest attached; the chair back; the seat; the left and right side panels; the cushion; and a loose lower board (the other one was still attached by that persistent bolt).  Yep, half a dozen and detritus.  I took the metal frame, the heaviest part, out first, and made the mistake of carrying it upstairs and uphill to the dumpster out front of the building.  On my subsequent trips, I realized it made more sense to go downstairs and use the rear dumpster.  I was able to get the side panels together, so I only needed five trips in all, the last one being just the cushion, so it was easy.  I was tempted to keep the cushion, but the chair is so old and full of dust and dirt that I just wanted the whole thing gone.

So that was quite an ordeal just to get rid of a piece of furniture.  But I do have a better recliner now.  And I got a bonus: as I was taking the old chair apart, a dime fell out!

Now I’m exhausted.  I barely have enough strength left in my arms to type.  And I’m probably gonna have a sore back tomorrow.  So bye for now.

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  1. March 7, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    Too funny. Reminds me of when I put together my exercise bike then was too tired to exercise. 🙂 At least you found a dime. 🙂

  1. June 25, 2014 at 5:59 pm

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