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Good news with the bad…

Just hours after learning that Shadow had passed away, I got a letter of acceptance for one of my original stories.  I can’t say much about it, but it breaks my streak of only being able to sell original stories written in the past year or two.  It’s a story I wrote back in 2004 and have had intermittently on the market ever since, and finally someone has bought it.  And that means I’ve finally sold a third work in my default universe, though it has little connection to any other tales in that continuity, besides having a technological premise in common with my spec novel in progress.  Beyond that, all I can say is that it should be published sometime in the next year.

So I’ve been kind of bouncing back and forth between sad thoughts about Shadow and happy thoughts about finally selling this story.  I kinda wish these events had happened a little further apart so I could experience and work through each feeling  separately and give each one the full attention it deserves.

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