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More good news, and bad timing…

Looks like I’m finally going to get another paying gig, and one that will bring in enough to let me pay off my debts and get comfortably in the black again, at least for a while.  I can’t say anything more about it yet; heck, I don’t even know much more myself, since it’s all still coming together.

The bad timing is twofold.  One, it’s too late to help me with my immediate financial situation.  I’ve got various sources of possible or definite income heading my way in the months ahead — some savings become available next month, I applied for a census job that will start next month if I get it, I’ve got checks coming for “No Dominion” and the story I sold yesterday, I’ve got this new gig coming, and I’ve got several other job applications and short stories in play — but at the moment, I’ve got just barely enough to make it until then.  It’s frustrating knowing that I will be out of the hole soon but still having to pinch pennies and put off buying things I need (and things I don’t) for a while longer.  (While we’re on the subject, I’ve still got plenty of autographed books for sale if anyone’s interested…)

The other bad timing is all this good news coming right after Shadow passed away.  I mean, yeah, it helps to be cheered up after a loss like that, but not so soon, not before I’ve really had time to process it and honor his memory.  The happy and sad are getting all jumbled together and watering each other down.  Like I said before, it doesn’t really let me do justice to either feeling.

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