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I’m really becoming fond of my new-ish recliner chair (which is also a rocking chair, by the way).  It’s possibly the most comfortable place to sit in my apartment now.  I was thinking that it might well become my preferred place to sit and read or to write on my laptop — except for one problem.  I didn’t have a light source positioned anyplace that would facilitate reading in that chair, and it’s too far from the balcony doors for natural lighting to do much good.  So I was thinking that once I had the money available, I’d have to buy a reading lamp.  Unfortunately, that would mean waiting a while before I could really start using the chair properly.

Now, I have a torchiere lamp that I had in the corner by the couch, really the only movable light source in the main room of my apartment, except for a lava lamp which isn’t much to read by.  The possibility of moving it occurred to me, but I assumed I needed it by the couch.  But this morning, I found myself questioning that assumption.  I realized that if I did move it over next to the recliner, it would still be close enough to the couch to give me illumination there if I needed it.

So I decided to try it.  And it works very well.  The torchiere actually illuminates better than before, since it’s not stuck in a corner and has more of the ceiling to reflect off of.  It’s more centrally located, so it illuminates the room better overall.  It’s now behind the TV, so I don’t get glare on the screen when it’s on.  And as a fringe benefit, I no longer have to worry about accidentally pushing the plug out when I stow my bicycle against the wall where it was.  In fact, with the lamp relocated, I can push my bike further back so it’s a bit less obtrusive.

Plus, it’s change.  That alone is refreshing.  Back when I still lived with my father, I liked to rearrange my furniture in my room periodically, just for variety’s sake.  But in this apartment, that’s not really an option; the placement of outlets, jacks, doors, and such really constrains me.  Ideally I’d like to have the computer desk near the balcony doors where it’s brighter and the TV where the computer desk currently is so I could see it from the kitchen, but then I’d have to have the phone and cable cords stretching across the floor and across doorways.  So I’m pretty much stuck with the arrangement I have.  At least the new chair and the new lamp placement bring some freshness to the room.  The improved illumination gives it a fresh feel too.  And I was able to achieve it without spending a dime.  (In fact, I gained a dime, the one that fell out of my old recliner when I dismantled it.)

Hmm, now that bit of wall where the torchiere used to be is looking bare.  Maybe I should put up a poster there.

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