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With my financial situation slowly starting to improve, I let myself be a little less austere in my grocery purchases this week, and one thing I picked up was a box/tray/whatever you call it of fresh strawberries, maybe fourteen large to medium ones.  Usually it’s hard to find a batch that’s really fresh and doesn’t have any overripe or spoiled ones, but this was just about the freshest batch I’ve ever come across, every single one in good condition, so I couldn’t resist.  And since I wanted to make sure I used them all before they started to spoil, I had plenty of strawberries over the previous couple of days:

  • First, a bowl of diced(ish) strawberries topped with vanilla yogurt and banana nut granola, accompanying my lunch.
  • Then, a strawberry-banana-blueberry smoothie accompanying dinner, containing two large and one smallish strawberries, one medium banana, a dozen or so dried blueberries, a bit of orange juice (a couple of ounces?), a few dollops of yogurt (half a cup, maybe?), and a squeeze of honey.  A bit too much, but not enough for two helpings, so I just treated it as dessert as well as a meal accompaniment.  I was a bit overfull afterward, but satisfied.
  • The next morning, more diced(ish) strawberries in my corn flakes, along with some more dried blueberries.
  • Finally, the last five strawberries, rinsed but unadorned, as a side dish with lunch.

I think this is the first time I’ve gotten through a whole tray of strawberries without having to throw any of them out due to spoilage.  And they were very good, in every form.

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