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Contracts again!

I just received the contract for Star Trek: DTI, mere minutes after posting the announcement!  How about that?  That’s two contracts I’ve gotten in two days, and three in the past month.  Both are records for me.  And this is after a long drought with hardly any paid writing work coming my way (except for a couple of Star Trek Magazine articles, for which I’m very grateful to editor Paul Simpson).  Now I’m going from famine to feast.  Which is rather thrilling.  Still, it would’ve been nice if I could’ve managed to pace the income more regularly.

My problem, I think, was that by the time I realized my savings wouldn’t last me as long as I thought, I was already pretty close to the brink.  So it took me too long to get into gear and start pursuing things that could get me money (whether writing and submitting stories or applying for jobs).  So maybe it’s not surprising that it’s all starting to pay off around the same time.

Of course, it would still be good if one of those job applications could pay off and I could start building up some additional savings.  Here’s hoping my recent good luck continues.

  1. marc11218
    March 28, 2010 at 3:02 am


    Will this be a trade or mass market?

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