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Busy day for DTI

Sorry I haven’t posted in over a week.  I’ve been focusing on the Star Trek DTI outline as the deadline looms.  I’ve been reading a lot of fiction relating to time travel, both Trek and original, and it’s taken up a bunch of my time.

Yesterday in particular was a big day.  First I brainstormed ideas for the book cover with my editor, Jaime Costas, and offered some suggestions she seemed to like.  Later, I wrote pretty much the entire climactic portion of the outline, at least the A plot.  And this morning I added the denouement for the A plot, including a description of the final scene.  But I’m not done yet; I still need to fill in the back half of the B plot, its denouement, and maybe some other bits.

The outline’s turning out to be more integrated than I’d expected.  I was initially thinking of this as being structured with multiple parallel plotlines, each following a different DTI agent, team, or other employee through a separate story, each story illustrating a different aspect of the department’s responsibilities.  Instead, though there are multiple parallel plotlines at first, most of them end up converging.  They still cover a range of different DTI responsibilities, but with more overlap.

Still, I’ve got a few days left to revise the outline.  I’ll probably have a reasonably complete first draft by tonight, and then I’ll have until Monday for revisions.  Maybe some things will be reworked.  Now that I’ve got the overall story figured out, I can concentrate on the specifics of how it unfolds and is presented.

Meanwhile, I got another, smaller writing gig yesterday.  Details later.

Oh, and my signing advance check came a few days ago.  I wasn’t really able to celebrate much because I’ve been too focused on the work, but I’ve bought a few things here and there, and it is a relief to be able to do that again.  Hopefully soon I’ll get my desktop PC repaired so I don’t have to depend on this old, slow, memory-poor laptop for everything.

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