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Is it a computer or a yo-yo?

Back in December, I wrote about my travails with getting my desktop computer up and running again.  Now that I’m finally not broke, I’ve been able to take it in to the shop to try to get it fixed.  So I took it to a new place I haven’t been to before, one I had a coupon for, and told them about the “disk read error” problem with getting it booted, and so forth.  A few days later, they called me back to tell me they’d fixed it, and when I picked it up, I was told there had been something wrong with the boot sector that needed to be reloaded.  Okay, so I took it home and tried it, and it wouldn’t start at all.  I took it back in, the guy looked at it for a bit, then told me that it was trying to boot from the CD drive before the hard drive, and that was causing the problem.  He said he’d fixed it so it would boot from the hard drive first.  Well, I took it home again, and when I started it up, I got the same disk read error problem as before.  But I kept at it a couple more times and finally it started.  I hoped it was just a temporary aberration; at least the guy’s explanation had given me hope that there might be an easy fix if it persisted.

So it ran fine for a couple of days, but then it started telling me there was a corrupt file in my browser cache and I needed to run CHKDSK.  I did so from within Windows, and it went through the first of CHKDSK’s three steps, then partway through the second.  Then it spontaneously rebooted.  After the Windows intro screen, I got a blue screen telling me it was running CHKDSK again, and again it got through the first one and a half stages before telling me “An unspecified error has occurred . . .” and freezing up.

So I took it back into the shop for the third time.  After I explained all this to the owner, he asked me some questions about the second hard drive I’d put in to replace the first one I’d had this problem with.  We both agreed it was unlikely that two hard drives would have the same problem.  He had the idea to ask whether the hand-me-down drive from my father had been previously installed with Windows Vista or 7 instead of XP.  I realized my father had used Vista, and I couldn’t recall whether I’d reformatted the drive first (though I think I did).  Anyway, he said he’d have his tech people take a look at it.

So that was all well and good.  But as I left the store, I had the vague sense I’d forgotten something.  Alas, it wasn’t until that night that I realized what it was.  This is a “small form factor”  PC, about the size of two stacked laptops, and its power supply is external.  I’d brought it with me in my backpack, but in a separate compartment from the rest, and I’d forgotten to give it to them.  So this morning I had to go back to the store yet again to deliver the power supply. Sigh…

So when I finally go in to pick it up after this, that will be my fifth trip there in less than two weeks.  Thank goodness they have a 90-day warranty.  I just hope the fifth time will be the last.

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