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At the risk of jinxing it…

I’ve been back on my desktop PC for a bit over two days now, and it seems to be working okay again.  The repair shop kept it for about a week to make sure it was running okay and had no problems.  They tell me that they traced the problems to a leaky $2 capacitor on the motherboard, which they replaced at no additional cost, since the warranty period on their repairs was still in effect.  I’ve only noticed a couple of glitches.  There was a checksum error when I first started it up, but if I understand the meaning of “checksum” correctly, that has something to do with timing, and it’s understandable that it would be off when a computer’s been unplugged for a while.  And the problem hasn’t been repeated.  I also got one system error yesterday, with the error message suggesting it might be a sign of an imminent hard disk failure, but the Event Viewer’s log of the error suggests it’s not as bad as the text suggested, and it hasn’t been repeated.  And heck, if the worst happens and this hard disk does fail, I’ve still got the old one that came with this computer.  If the problem was with a capacitor all along, that hard disk may still be perfectly functional.  It’s smaller in capacity than my new one, but they’re both vastly larger than I need.

So now I’m back (for good, I hope) on a computer that isn’t glacially slow!  Hooray!  Hopefully that means my ability to watch online videos and look at graphics-heavy web pages will be improved.  And if I use my laptop mainly just for writing offline, without the need for browser and mailer and such to be open too, it should go faster.

The catch is, the keyboard I’m using isn’t perfect.  It has a built-in trackpad whose sensitivity leaves something to be desired.  Sometimes it’s too sensitive, interpreting a soft touch as a click when it’s just meant to be part of a scrolling gesture, and sometimes it’s not sensitive enough when I do try to tap/click.  (Or rather, it apparently interprets a gentle tap as a “right-click” instead of a “left-click,” and it’s hard to gauge where the boundary lies.)  There are actual buttons below it, of course,  but they’re sometimes a bit balky too.

Overall, though, I’m better off with the computer repaired.  I just hope it doesn’t break down again within hours of my posting this.

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  1. Charlie
    May 30, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    I know this is off topic…but I have no other idea how to ask you a question about a star trek book. Anyway. You wrote…in my opinion…the best AU or myriad universe Voyager story EVER!!!!! I loved how you had a JC factor in it and all that…and it was wonderfully written. ANyway…i was wondering this new Myriad Universe book thats coming out…does it also have a voyager story in it? and if so…will it continue from where your book left off? or is it completely different?

    any info would be great…thanks again….and please keep writing voyager novels if you can…seriously you and kirsten beyer have a real handle on their characters….i did love ms Goldens character development as well…but she often left characters out or minimized them….not so with you guys….

    • May 30, 2010 at 3:32 pm

      According to Memory Alpha, “The anthology will again feature three novel-length stories, written by David R. George III, Steve Mollmann and Michael Schuster, and Scott Pearson. George’s will be set in the Next Generation timeframe, while Mollmann and Schuster’s ‘The Tears of Eridanus’ will focus on Hikaru and Demora Sulu. Pearson’s story, titled ‘Honor in the Night’, will feature Nilz Baris after a different outcome to ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’.”

      So no Voyager this time around, unless there are VGR characters in DRGIII’s piece.

  2. Charlie
    May 30, 2010 at 6:24 pm


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