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Pictures from my phone

There was a time, not so long ago, when a title like “Pictures from my phone” would be sheer gibberish, or at best something out of science fiction.  But I’m gradually catching up to the 21st century, technology-wise, and today I bought a microSD card that enables me to copy the photos I’ve taken with my relatively new cell phone and transfer them to my home computer.  And I can then transfer them here, so I’m going to do that just because I can.

(I actually got the card so I can transfer my CDs onto my phone and use it as an MP3 player.  I still need to buy the special headphones that go with its particular type of jack, and I’m annoyed that LG didn’t use a standard headphone jack so I could use a set I already have.  But buying the SD card and the headphones are still cheaper than buying a separate MP3 player.)

First off, an amusing thing I saw up on the corner.  The Friar’s Club building that’s been there for a long time, and all the houses around it, just got demolished to make way for… I have no idea what.  After the last major bit of demolition, I saw this (click to enlarge):

Door to nowhere!!!

A perfectly intact  doorway and wall section (aside from a torn canopy) leading into a pile of rubble… awesome.  I wonder how far you could get inside?  Not that I’d recommend it.  Either you’d be underneath a bunch of unstable debris that might collapse on you, or you might find that this door leads to… The Twilight Zone!

Next, here’s a photo of a couple of cats I saw at the local park a while back:

They sort of followed me from in front as I strolled down the walk — staying ahead of me, with the striped one occasionally stopping and letting me pet her (?) for a bit.  They pretty much maintained this relative distance from each other all the way down the hill.

On a more nostalgic note, here’s just about the last photo ever taken of Shadow:

I have a few seconds of video footage of Shadow on my phone, taken at about the same time, but I’m not sure they’re in a format playable online.  Basically it’s just him sitting there glaring at me, like in the shot above, while I informed him that he was a pussycat.  Which I think he already knew.  But it bore repeating.

That’ll do it for now.  Now that I have the means to transfer photos off my phone, maybe I’ll take more of them.  Don’t expect me to post any Shore Leave photos until after the convention, though, since my laptop is relatively old and doesn’t have a port for the SD card adaptor.  At this point, I can only copy between my phone and my (now-repaired) desktop PC.

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