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The Pink Ranger on FLASHPOINT

Readers of my Power Rangers review posts should be aware of my deep and abiding crush on Amy Jo Johnson, the original Pink Ranger on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.  In my opinion, she is not only the most gorgeous and sexy Power Ranger ever, but the most talented and charismatic actor in the history of the franchise.  I always expected she’d have a brilliant career ahead of her and achieve great fame, and it always surprised me that that didn’t happen.  Still, she’s had a pretty active career in TV with a lot of series gigs, but somehow I’ve managed to miss most of them, alas.  I guess that as a rule my viewing habits are too narrowly focused on SF/fantasy and I often overlook shows in other genres.

Anyway, I did discover recently that she’s been a regular on the Canadian series Flashpoint, and that CBS has been rebroadcasting it.  And starting with the current season, I’ve finally managed to catch it.  I’ve seen two episodes so far, and it’s an interesting show, about an elite team of Vancouver cops who deal with special cases and use all sorts of cutting-edge technology and forensics to figure out a case at high speed, sort of a cross between SWAT, the CSI version of a forensic team, and, ohh, Starfleet security or something.  It reminds me of an unsold Gene Roddenberry premise I read about once, The Tribunes, that would’ve been about cops using futuristic, high-tech methods to solve crimes.  Except it’s a lot faster-paced than that would’ve been.  I like it so far; in addition to AJJ, it features Enrico Colantoni (Galaxy Quest, Veronica Mars) as the team leader, and he’s always fun to watch.  And though the characters are tough and almost military in their attitudes, the show seems to have less emphasis on gunplay and more on peaceful crisis resolution than a typical US cop show, at least in the two episodes I’ve seen.  I like that.

But my main interest is Amy Jo.  And she is still just as awesome as ever.  I mean, she was 38 when the episodes I’m seeing were made, and she’s still just as stunning as she was 17 years ago.  Not sure about the figure, since she’s usually wearing heavy tactical gear, but the face is virtually unchanged from her early 20s.  And her voice is as sweet and lyrical and lovely as ever.  And she’s gotten even better as an actress.  She didn’t have too much to do in the first episode I saw, but in the one that aired this past Friday, she had a very emotional speech at the climax about dealing with the recent death of a teammate, and I was just utterly enraptured.  She was brilliant.  I’m reminded of how impressed I was by her acting back in the Power Rangers days, particularly an episode where the Rangers were watching in horror as their giant battle robots got destroyed by the bad guys (not to worry, they got new ones an episode or two later), and Amy Jo put such anguish and poignancy into her reaction to this silly, fanciful thing that it totally sold it as something tragic.  You’d think she was watching a friend die.  That’s how good she was at making you care, at making you believe.  I always found her sincerity utterly captivating.  And she’s only gotten better.  Dang, I’m getting misty-eyed just thinking about that Flashpoint scene.

Anyway, an incredible actress, nowhere near as acclaimed as she deserves.  Although I read she did get a Gemini Award nomination for Flashpoint, which is a step in the right direction.

  1. Julie
    June 13, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    I have watched Flashpoint from the beginning and I thought it was based in LA. The series may be filmed in Vancouver, but I am under the impression the show is based in the United States based on the fact that some of the characters are former United States military, not former Canadian military.

    • June 13, 2010 at 4:47 pm

      Actually it turns out it’s shot in Toronto, not Vancouver. Oops. And the skyline I’ve seen in the past two episodes is definitely Toronto, not LA. The CN Tower has been quite visible. According to Wikipedia, they initially tried to be vague about the show’s setting, but by season 3 it’s explicitly Toronto.

      • June 13, 2010 at 8:46 pm

        Canadian series tend to do that, especially if they’re an international co-production or trying to focus on international sales…

        There’s another current series called The Bridge (starring Aaron Douglas, Chief Tyrol on Battlestar Galactica) where I couldn’t tell if it’s supposed to be set in the States or not, but they might as well just call it Toronto. The Degrassi franchise went through a similar phase when it got popular in the States, but they’ve since (thankfully) reasserted its Canadian setting.

  2. June 13, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    Gosh, I used to like Amy jo’s character in Power Rangers. It’s amazing how time goes by really fast.

  3. June 15, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    From time to time, Canadian production houses will try to obscure the identity of the host cities of their series in order to sell it “overseas” more effectively. Call it the Old Night Heat Rule, after the 1980’s cop show on late nights on CBS. Usually, in modern times? It doesn’t last.

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