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A sad kitten story

A little while ago, I decided to walk over to the local organic foods store to restock on chips, and when I got there, I saw there were a couple of people evidently playing with a kitten in the corner of the parking lot.  Once I got closer, though, I saw they weren’t playing.  The little orange tabby had broken its leg and was weak and struggling.  A young woman — whom I later learned was Nadia, an employee of the food store — was trying to give it water from an eyedropper and get it to eat something.  She told me she’d called the SPCA but didn’t know when they’d come.  I told her where the nearby animal hospital was, but she didn’t have a car.  I regretted that I’d walked there instead of driving.

But after a bit, once it became clear there were no other options, I told Nadia I’d jog back home, get a cardboard box,  drive back to the store, and take the kitten to the vet.  I did this, though I was slowed down a bit when I went right to the car and forgot about the box, so I had to re-park and go get one.

By the time I got back to the store, though, that corner of the lot was empty.  I got out and looked around, and another store clerk recognized what I was looking for.  He had the kitten in a box and told me he was fairly sure it was dead.  I took a look at it and couldn’t get any response or feel any breathing or pulse.  I was too late.  Although given how quickly the kitten passed, I would’ve still been too late even if I’d had my car there in the first place.

The clerks were wondering what to do with the body, and I told them they should call animal control or the sanitation department or somebody.  Which reminded me I needed to wash my hands, which they let me do in the store’s washroom.   But when I checked in with them after I did my shopping, the male clerk told me that the kitten’s owner had shown up and claimed the remains.  I didn’t get the whole story, but they’d left the kitten somewhere while going to the nearby Starbuck’s.  I don’t want to rush to judgment without knowing the whole story, but I have to wonder where they would leave a kitten that would end up with it lying in a parking lot with a fatal injury.

Well, best not to dwell on that.  They have a loss to deal with now, a loss I can sympathize with all too well.  I’ve lost too many cats lately, too many in my lifetime, and I was hoping I could help this one.  But by the time I got there, it was already too late.  At least the kitten wasn’t alone at the end.

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  1. Charlie
    June 29, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    Very happy that you at least attempted to do something good for the kitten. I for my part have a lot of stray cats in the neighborhood. Many of them are feral cats that are basically wild and wont let me near them. I think they are 1st and 2nd generation wild…their parents being the sad result of the down economy and people leaving their cats and dogs “go free” while they move away and they foreclose on their homes. I got in touch with some local organizations and found a way that I can capture the cats in live traps…that i borrow from one organization…and then have another organization spay and neuter them for me for around 30 bucks per cat…give or take depending on male or female…but only if i promise to let them go back in their local enviornment and help take care of them which i do. I have a water dispenser outside and put food out twice a day every day for them….its sad that more people dont get involved and help these poor innocent creatures…but im glad you have done your part….thankyou for sharing your story even though it was sad…

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