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My tentative schedule for Shore Leave 32

A few posts ago, I said that I’d probably be able to make it to Shore Leave 32, provided the medical situation involving a family member didn’t take a turn for the worse.  That hasn’t changed; to all indications, the worst is past and I’ll be able to attend the con.

So here’s my tentative schedule of events and panels for Shore Leave:

Friday, July 9

10 PM-12 AM, Hunt Valley hallway: Meet the Pros (author signing event).  I have no new book to sign this year, but I plan to have copies of my old books available for sale at my table, and I’m hoping the Waldenbooks people will have some copies of the Analog issue containing my story “The Hub of the Matter.”

Saturday, July 10

1 PM,  Salon A: Pocket Books Preview.  Marco Palmieri, Scott Pearson, Dayton Ward, and I will discuss the upcoming Trek novel schedule for the remainder of 2010 and 2011.  There’s no official Pocket editorial presence this year, since editor Jaime Costas is on maternity leave, so a few of us who have books on next year’s schedule are putting together our own presentation.  (Marco was the Pocket Trek editor until a couple of years ago; now he’s on the panel as an author in the upcoming Vanguard: Declassified anthology and as a contributor to the Star Trek Magazine issue that contained the official schedule announcement.)

Sunday, July 11

10 AM, Chase:  Time Travel Gives Me a Headache!  Time Travel in Trek.  This is where I’ll plug my upcoming Department of Temporal Investigations novel Watching the Clock, but I’ll be joined by other novelists with Trek time-travel tales under their belts, including A. C. Crispin (Yesterday’s Son/Time for Yesterday), Greg Cox (Assignment: Eternity), and David Mack (Destiny).

1 PM, Salon E: Star Trek: Myriad Universes.  Keith R. A. DeCandido, Scott Pearson, Marco Palmieri, and I will discuss our contributions to this alternate-history anthology series.

Plus I’ll generally be hanging around the convention for most of the weekend, attending various other panels and so forth.

The full (if tentative) convention schedule is available here: http://www.shore-leave.com/info/news.htm

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