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More cell phonery

Back in “Pictures from my phone,” I said,

Don’t expect me to post any Shore Leave photos until after the convention, though, since my laptop is relatively old and doesn’t have a port for the SD card adaptor. At this point, I can only copy between my phone and my (now-repaired) desktop PC.

Well, after writing that, it occurred to me that maybe there were adaptors between a microSD card and a USB port of the sort I do have on my laptop.  So I found one and I bought it.  Maybe I spent a bit more than I had to, since it came along with an SD card adaptor of the type I already have, but I guess a little redundancy doesn’t hurt in case I lose an adaptor.  Anyway, the microSD/USB adaptor is this really tiny thing, barely big enough to hold the card and plug into a USB port.  It looks a little like a miniature plastic whistle.  To make sure I wouldn’t lose it, I attached it to the same lanyard as my USB flash drive, although I had to swipe the little metal ring from an older, smaller flash drive and put it into the teensy hole on the adaptor.

Now, this isn’t a guarantee that I will be posting Shore Leave photos during the convention.  I’m not really a big photo-taking guy in the first place, unless there are cats involved.  But if I should have reason to do so, now I can.  And maybe the convenience of having a camera in my phone will make me more likely to take photos.  As for uploading videos, it looks like I wouldn’t be able to do that unless I paid WordPress an extra fee, which is a luxury I can’t afford right now.

As for the other reason I got the microSD card, so I could copy music onto my phone, that’s not turning out so well.  It seems the LG CF360 phone has a widespread problem with its music player, a tendency to freeze up completely, with the only way to unfreeze it being to eject the microSD card (something you’re not supposed to do with the phone on for fear of damaging it, but there’s no choice when the phone freezes).  Sometimes it plays fine, sometimes it freezes up several times in a row.  I guess I’ll have to decide whether to take my chances with the phone or to bring my CD player along as usual.  If nothing else, I’ve just used the SD/USB adaptor to copy all my uploaded music so far onto my laptop, which I will be bringing with me (although it woudn’t be practical to listen to music on an open laptop while I’m on a long bus trip).

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