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Getting ready to go ashore…

I’m in the midst of final preparations for Shore Leave now.  My family member who’s in the hospital will probably be getting discharged while I’m out of town, but everything’s been arranged and is in good hands, and I’m always reachable by cell phone.  On the one hand, it’ll be a relief to get away from the situation for a few days, knowing that it’s not at major crisis level anymore, but on the other hand, I expect I’ll spend the whole trip worrying that something will go wrong and I’ll have to come home early.  Though I guess I shouldn’t worry.  I’m concerned because last year I came home from Shore Leave to find a message on my answering machine claiming that the same family member had had a heart attack.  It turned out to be simply a bruised rib instead, but I hadn’t been reachable at a key moment because various people didn’t have my cell number.  Now, though, I’m easily reachable, other people besides me have authority to make decisions, and my family member is recovering and under constant care.

So now I should just try to set that aside and enjoy the convention.  I’m mostly packed already; I took care of a lot of it last night just in case the release from the hospital was today (which it isn’t).  I’ve just updated all my important files onto my laptop and gone online with it to get my antivirus files current, and I’m posting this from the laptop now.  Let’s see, really the laptop and its power cord may be the only things I have left to pack.  This is my sixth Shore Leave and, let’s see, maybe my tenth convention, so I’ve kind of gotten it down to a science by now.

Still, spending twelve and a half hours on an overnight bus trip is no fun.  I wish my car’s mileage were good enough and gas prices low enough that it were cheaper to drive.  I’ve gotten enough experience with long-ish drives by now that I think I could handle that — maybe four hours tonight including rest breaks, then stop at a motel for the night, then another five or six hours the next day.

Well, on the other hand, I wouldn’t be able to use the time for reading or writing.  And I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately anyway due to the humidity and all the stuff on my mind.  I’m feeling rather fatigued right now, and I’m hoping I’ll be sufficiently worn out to get a halfway decent amount of sleep on the bus.

Which reminds me — I mustn’t forget to pack my travel pillow! Thanks for reminding me, blog post!

There, it’s done.  You know, I thought there was a void in my backpack, but I wasn’t sure what was missing.

Well, I leave for the bus terminal in a little over an hour.  And I have a bit of work I want to get done on DTI before I go.  So I’ll sign off for now.

On to Baltimore!

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