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Stranded at Shore Leave?

I’ve spent the past hour exhaustively searching my hotel room, calling lost and found, etc.  What I’ve lost is my Greyhound ticket.  For the life of me I can’t remember when I had it last, but I must have lost it before I reached the hotel room, so it could be anywhere.

I called Greyhound to ask if they could print a new copy of the ticket if I gave them the reference number, but instead I got a condescending spiel about my responsibility to hold onto the ticket.  I guess a ticket can be considered a form of currency, so maybe the lady had a point, but she could’ve been kinder about it.

I guess I have no choice but to spend another 72 bucks to replace the ticket.  Unless I can find someone who’s driving to the vicinity of Cincinnati and can bum a ride.

And to think — my biggest concern this morning was that the sole of my sneaker was falling apart.  I tried tearing off the loose flap and tore off so much that the shoe was wobbly to walk on.  I brought along my dress shoes just in case, but they aren’t comfortable for long use.  Thanks to Howard Weinstein for suggesting I ask at one of the model-ship tables for superglue.  I was thinking of something along those lines, which was why I was in the dealer area, but I was thinking too narrowly in terms of clothing repair materials.

It’s been a full day of panels, though I was only on one of them, the Pocket Books Preview panel, along with Marco Palmieri, Scott Pearson, Dayton Ward, and Peter David.  I got to talk a bit about DTI along with the others talking about their upcoming books and novellas.  Then I went over to Panera for lunch, just by myself.  I had a Mediterranean veggie half-sandwich and chicken noodle soup, which were pretty good.  I got back in time to see most of a panel on the future of Voyager fiction featuring Kirsten Beyer (whose adorable baby I got to meet today) and Marco.  Then I sat in on the Vanguard panel with Marco, Dayton, Kevin Dilmore, and David Mack; the Typhon Pact panel with Dave, Dayton, Marco, and Keith DeCandido; and finally a panel on the Merlin TV series and Arthurian lore in general with Marco, Mike Barr, Terri Osborne, and Allyn Gibson.  Marco sure is getting around this year considering that he’s no longer the Trek editor.

For dinner, I wanted something simple and light, so I got a turkey sandwich and fruit salad from the hotel cafe.  It was expensive, but it was surprisingly good.  I forgot to get any mayo or mustard or anything for the sandwich, but the turkey was moist and the tomato was juicy, so I didn’t need anything.

And then I started searching for my ticket and found myself in my current mess.  Oh, boy.

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  1. charlie
    July 10, 2010 at 11:52 pm

    what can you tell us about what K Beyer revealed about the future of voyager fiction?

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