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Home again, home again

Remember when I said last time that I was posting from an empty salon at the hotel?  Well, after I was done posting, I packed up my stuff and headed out, noticing in passing that my backpack seemed lighter somehow.  A few minutes later, it occurred to me to check my bag, and I discovered I’d left my laptop in the salon!!  Aaaaaa!!!!!  So I dashed back there and was relieved to find it untouched.  Whew.  I’m not usually this forgetful.  (Not these days.  A couple of times, when I was a kid, I left my stuff in hotel or motel room drawers when the family left.  Since then, I’ve been in the habit of never putting anything of mine in drawers at a hotel.  So I usually don’t lose things anymore.)

Anyway, after the con, I rode back on the Light Rail with Allyn Gibson.  He showed me the building where he works, home of Diamond, the company that pretty much has a monopoly on comic-book distribution these days.  We also passed by a building on fire, with firefighters dousing it, but there seemed to be a few flames in the surrounding trees.  I hope that didn’t spread.

The Light Rail was still under construction, so I had to get off early and take the shuttle bus the rest of the way into town.  I got off in the area I’m most familiar with from previous years and went looking for a place to get dinner.  The Subway was closed, it being Sunday evening, but I found the McDonald’s was open.  Although their dining room wasn’t, so it was carry-out only.  Which meant I had to carry the bag all the way to the Greyhound station before I could sit down and eat.  Luckily the 27 bus to the station came just as I got to the bus stop, so my chicken sandwich was still reasonably warm and my smoothie reasonably cold when I got around to eating them.

Then I had two hours to wait for the bus, and I wanted to do some writing, but I just couldn’t focus.  Maybe if I’d had a scene in progress it would’ve been easier, but I’m at the start of a chapter so I guess there’s some inertia there.  Also, after what happened with my laptop before, I was too afraid to take it out of my backpack lest I forget to put it back in again.  So I just read until the bus came.

As usual, I didn’t get any real sleep on the trip, although I did drowse off enough to miss some gaps in time (for instance, one moment we’d be at a rest stop with 10 minutes left, then I’d close my eyes for a moment and open them to discover we were on the road again).  Still, the seat was very uncomfortable.  Basically, it was a long, tedious trip, longer than I would’ve liked since the bus back from Columbus stopped over in Dayton before moving on to Cincinnati.

But I’m home now.  First thing I did was to shower, then I had some lunch while watching the shows I taped over the weekend.  I’m glad the VCR worked; most of the shows I missed are being repeated tomorrow or elsewhen in the week, but if the VCR had failed I would’ve missed Flashpoint (unless it’s on Hulu or something).

I guess I’m glad to be home and all, but I wish I had more opportunities to get together with my friends and colleagues.  At the authors’ breakfast, Marco suggested that I should consider joining that Facebook thing; I guess maybe I should look into it.  Not quite the same, though.

Although I really should catch up on my sleep before tackling much of anything else.

  1. Charlie
    July 12, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    Glad you had such a great time at Shoreleave. I have not been able to make it myself. I rely on you great people to relay the info to those of us unable to make it. I was hoping that maybe you could shed some light on what was discussed at the panels…maybe something about your DTI book or Beyers/Macks voyager information…or if they discussed anything about JJVerse books…(not sure what to call them actually)….but anyway…hope you can share…i look foward to your next post

    • July 12, 2010 at 6:46 pm

      I didn’t reveal much new information about DTI — just that it’s not so much a standard story about time travellers as a story about the people living in linear time who have to deal with the messes created by time travel, and cope with the psychological stresses of having to confront the impermanence of reality on a daily basis. Also I revealed that an established minor character, Clare Raymond, the cryonically frozen housewife from TNG’s “The Neutral Zone,” has taken a job with the DTI’s Temporal Displacement Division, using her experience to help counsel others who need to adjust to living in a new time.

      As for Voyager, Dave Mack has no further involvement with that; Kirsten is doing Children of the Storm all by herself. I don’t remember any new specifics being given, just confirmation that it deals with the Children of the Storm, the very powerful, very alien species encountered briefly in Destiny (so I guess Dave has a peripheral connection that way).

      There’s nothing more to say about the Abramsverse books. The filmmakers just decided, belatedly, that they didn’t want tie-ins set after the movie at this time. That might change later on, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to give out any details about the books themselves beyond what’s already been released.

  2. Charlie
    July 12, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    awesome…thanks for the updates….im very intrigued by the DTI concept….cant wait to read it!

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