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Building to a climax

I had a bad day on Friday — I guess it was part of the grieving process, depression resulting in extreme lethargy, but I just couldn’t focus and only got 400 words done.  But I’ve made up for it over the weekend, getting about 4000 words done each day.  Today’s chapter was a particular achievement.  All the various plot threads (well, most of them) are coming to a head here, and the chapter’s so complicated that I had to chart it out first to figure out who was where, when, doing what, etc. and how the cause and effect worked out.  Indeed, what ended up on the page is just a cross-section of the full sequence of events I needed to plot out.

Also, I don’t think I’ve ever written a single sequence that had so many different speaking characters in it at once.  I’m not sure I served them all well, and they tended to come and go as the chapter progressed; indeed, there are portions where the viewpoint character, Lucsly, is just watching while other characters carry the dialogue and action for a while.  But I think I managed to give most everyone a moment in the spotlight and not forget who was there.

But it’s all coming together now, and I just got to pay off a plot thread I set up earlier in the book, so that’s at least one subplot that’s resolved.  That’s a good place to break for the night.  Tomorrow comes the chapter where I finally provide answers to the book’s big mysteries.  Then it’s just the climaxes of the two main plots and the denouement.  At this point, I’d estimate that I’ll have the first draft finished on Wednesday or Thursday, with the rest of the coming week to devote to revisions.

Dang, I wish I weren’t so tired, since I’d like to keep going.  When I get this close to the climax and end of a book, it’s like I’m rolling downhill, building more and more momentum as I near the end.  I’m so close to paying off everything I’ve been setting up for months, and I’m eager to get that satisfaction, that sense of resolution.  I just hope I manage to get enough sleep tonight, rather than getting so caught up in an idea that I just have to get up and write it.  Well, I’ll keep pencil and paper by my bed tonight, as well as my cell phone (which can record several minutes of voice), so I’ll be able to make a note of anything important.

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