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Temporal reversal

I’ve just finished writing the climactic chapter of the A plot of DTI: Watching the Clock.  Next I’ll write the climactic chapter of the B plot.  But the B-plot climax comes before the A-plot climax.  So I’m writing them in reverse order.  Which is fitting for a time-travel novel.

I’ve done it this way for two reasons.  One, I was on a roll, dealing with something that was introduced in the chapter just before the B-plot climax and then continued in the chapter after it, and I didn’t want to break my momentum by switching to the other plot.  Two, recently I realized that there was an element in the B plot that was too similar to an element of the A plot.  I revised it, but I decided I should be more careful, so I finished the A plot first so I could then make sure I didn’t make the B plot too similar.  Naturally the A plot should take precedence.

I’m fairly satisfied with how the A plot turned out, though some bits could still use some fleshing out, and I may be able to do that in the denouement chapter.   There are some other elements I’d like to fill out more in earlier parts of the book, which I’ll address in revisions.  So there’ll be some more jumping back in time.

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