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FUTURAMA-inspired dream joke

Jokes that seem funny in a dream rarely make any sense once you wake up and think about them, but I had one last night that I still think is a bit amusing, in an offbeat way.

In the dream, the Earth had been taken over by aliens (obviously inspired by last night’s new episode).   Or at least Fry thought it had, which might make the joke more coherent.  Anyway, he went up to one of the aliens and said, “Give me the world back!”  The alien (who had a David Niven-ish voice for some reason) responded by cutting open Fry’s head and tweezing out a speck of his brain, and Fry stared blindly off into space as though he’d lost his awareness of the outside universe.  “Hey, where’d the world go?”

“I’ll give it back if you sign over everything you own.”

“It’s a deal.”

The alien holds out a clipboard.  “Sign here.”

“Sign where?”

Alien faceslap.  “D’oh!”

. . .

Y’see, Fry couldn’t sign unless the alien put back the “perceive the world” piece of his brain, but that would give away the scam, and…

Okay, maybe it’s not that funny.

Toward the end of the dream, there was another mildly amusing bit.  To neaten it up a bit:  The aliens wanted to obtain Earth’s great treasures, and Bender spun a tale about the ancient humans’ greatest weapon, a fabled device which ancient warriors against dragons in dungeons had used to manipulate probability itself, the ominously-named DIE cube.  He worked with them to obtain it (no doubt in exchange for a hefty finder’s fee), and they were underwhelmed when all they had in their treasure vault was this small, white, six-sided object.  But Bender convinced them that with its power, they would soon fill their vault with greater riches.

I woke up then, but let’s just assume the aliens were convinced to take the die home with them and the Earth was saved.  And let’s assume Fry got that bit of his brain back (he needs what little he’s got, as Bugs Bunny would say).  And then he used his meteor-wishing power to smash the aliens, and he and Leela lived happily ever after, the end.

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