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The voyage home: addendum

I forgot to mention that my drive home from Detroit wasn’t quite as trouble-free as the drive up.  When I started out, it felt like I was having slight trouble keeping the car moving straight.  I was afraid something might be wrong with the steering, but I convinced myself it was probably bumpiness in the road or something.  Anyway, when I stopped for gas just across the border, I got out of the car and it was incredibly windy and gusty out.  That was what was affecting the steering.

And when I filled up, I forgot to close the gas cap.  Luckily someone pointed that out to me when I stopped at the next rest area.  Later, when I got home, I discovered a smear of yellow paint on my rear bumper, but I didn’t remember bumping into any cars.  After a moment’s thought, I remembered that I’d bumped into a yellow thingy at the gas station when backing up to turn around — one of those things they put in that are presumably to keep cars from bumping into the gas pumps.  I don’t know what the term is.  So all in all, that wasn’t one of my most well-handled gas station visits.

I had to deal with some rain on the drive home too, including a few pretty heavy bursts.  Luckily the rainfall was brief enough that the road never became slick.  I made sure to slow down a bit for safety when the rain got stronger, but of course most of the other drivers just zoomed on ahead without a moment’s thought for safety.

The roughest patch of the drive wasn’t weather-related, but due to construction slowdowns in downtown Dayton that slowed traffic to a crawl.  I spent several minutes behind a big truck and had to brake pretty suddenly several times.  I got into the next lane at the earliest opportunity.

Given all that, I’m sure my gas mileage on the trip home wasn’t as good as on the trip up.  No way to calculate it, though, since I’ve done some city driving since then and it’ll be a while before my next fill-up (which will probably be at the start of my drive to New York next week — yeah, I’ve pretty much decided I will drive).

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  1. Rich G
    September 27, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    I think the word you’re looking for is ‘bollard’. Glad you had safe trip.

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