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“Home is Where the Hub Is” now available! (Updated)

October 13, 2010 3 comments

In the mail when I returned from vacation were two copies of the December Analog, featuring my novelette “Home is Where the Hub Is” beginning on page 70.  Well, actually on p. 72, because this time I get a full 2-page illustration!  Alas, I didn’t make the cover this time:

Analog December 2010

I haven’t gotten around to doing discussion and annotations for my website, but I’ll get to those soon.   In the meantime, check your local newsstand or bookstore for the new issue!

A reminder: this story is a sequel to “The Hub of the Matter,” which came out nine months earlier in the March issue.  If you missed that one, the issue”s still available as an e-book from Fictionwise and the Sony Reader Store. Err, no, apparently it’s no longer on sale, even though the links still exist.  Sorry.  But HIWTHI should be comprehensible on its own.

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