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“Home is Where the Hub Is” reviewed

The cxPulp website has reviewed the December Analog at:

It had the following to say about “Home is Where the Hub Is”:

For those unfamiliar with The Hub, Christopher Bennett basically intended the idea to be something of a “Sci-Fi Sitcom,” a well developped story set in a science fiction universe that is funny, but one that isn’t a spoof.  …Taken in that light, this story is fun. The characters are very-much in the sit-com mold, light and relatable on the surface, and the concept employs many television tropes (as listed on like the Official Couple, Incompatible Orientation, and Oblivious to Love. And I insist that the Qhpong has the makings of a Breakout Character…

The story is light and entertaining, and like most sitcoms, the Status Quo is God.

The story gets a 4/5 rating, and only one item in the issue gets a higher rating than that, though it ties my story with pieces by Shane Tourtelotte and William Michael McCarthy.  I’d quibble that there is a slight change to the status quo at the end, though I guess one could say it’s done to maintain the status quo in a larger sense.  And I’m not sure how Official Couple and Incompatible Orientation apply here, unless the latter is meant to apply to Nashira/Rynyan.  Still, 4/5 is pretty darn good, so I’m happy about that.

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