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Thanksgiving and tires

The good news is, I’m going to spend Thanksgiving with family.  The bad news is, the family is gathering in the vicinity of Washington, DC.  So I’m in for another long, interstate drive.

I leave tomorrow morning, so I need to do my preparations today.  I recalled that my left rear tire had lost air pressure on my trip back from New York last month, so I thought to check the tire pressure and found the same thing had happened again.  So I took it to the nearby garage that replaced my battery last winter.  They put it up on the lift and told me that all my tires showed signs of “dry rot,” aka sidewall cracking due to age, and recommended getting new tires.  The garage guy showed me the damage, which seemed genuine, and I just looked it up online now (I wish I could’ve done so before) and it seems like he was on the up-and-up about the risk.  So I grudgingly agreed to get new tires, and I walked home while the deed was done.  It should be ready in an hour or two, reportedly.  The tires are fairly pricey, but I guess it’s worth it to be safe.

See, this is why I was reluctant to own a car for so long.  It comes with so many added expenses.

Anyway, I’m still deciding what route to take.  It seems that all the routes recommended by Google Maps require going through I-68 in West Virginia, which I gather is fairly mountainous.  I recall my father expressing dislike for the mountainous routes he’d taken through West Virginia in the past, but unfortunately I can no longer ask him whether this is what he was referring to.  Anyway, the one alternative I can see is to take the Pennsylvania Turnpike to I-70, and that’s pretty mountainous itself as well as being partly a toll route.

Well, since DC’s pretty close to Baltimore, this could be sort of a trial run for driving to the Shore Leave convention in the future.

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