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The rest of the way home

I’m back on my own home computer now.  I just got in.  My travel time today was roughly equal in length to yesterday, just under five and a half hours, for a total of nearly eleven, including stops and bad-weather slowdowns.  My outbound time was more like twelve hours total, since the first half of that trip was on state highways so it was slower going.

This morning, based on my outbound experience, I decided to wait until it warmed up a bit before I set out for the day, leaving the motel around 9 and stopping for breakfast at a nearby Denny’s, where I had some excellent seasonal cranberry-orange pancakes.  I hit the road at quarter to ten, and got in just now at 3:10-ish.  This time, I didn’t have any mountains or bad weather or confusing construction detours or night driving to worry about; it was smooth sailing, err, driving, all the way.  (Which also means I got my best gas mileage on this leg.)  The only obstacle I faced was my own fatigue, which required more stops than I wanted to make.  Around lunchtime, I was hoping to find someplace interesting to eat, but when I realized I simply had to stop for rest at the earliest opportunity, the only place in sight of the exit was a gas station, so I had to settle for a convenience-mart chicken salad sandwich.  Hopefully I’ll survive the experience.

I took I-70, which crosses West Virginia’s northward-extending panhandle (or whatever you call it). As such, I spent exactly 12 minutes in the state of West Virginia, almost to the second.  It’s weird how W. Va. and Maryland are shaped — most of their borders are following land contours or rivers or something, but then here comes Pennsylvania carving out this incongruously rectangular swath that leaves just these skinny little leftovers for the adjoining states.  There’s a part of Maryland where the whole state is hardly any thicker than I-68 passing through it.  If not for the trees, I bet you could see both the north and south borders from the road.

So anyway, it was a nice family visit, though not always a nice drive, and now I’m glad to be home.

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