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New glasses and other shopping

Yesterday I discovered a small crack in one lens of my glasses, so I made an appointment to see the optician attached to the eyewear dealer and get a new prescription (I’d noticed a bit of blurriness in my distance vision with the glasses on).  I settled on frames that were pretty much the closest thing I could find to my old frames, so I don’t think it’s worth taking a picture.

Anyway, when I tried to pay by credit card, it was rejected; apparently I’ve reached my limit because I waited too long to pay last month’s bill, on top of which I’ve had a lot of expenses the past couple of months what with my two trips.  So the lesson should be, pay your credit card bill promptly.  Luckily I had my debit card available.

However, because of the credit issue, I had to hold off on a couple of other errands I wanted to run while hanging around the mall waiting for the eye drops to wear off so I could see clearly enough to drive home — namely, buying a new winter coat and new shoes.  Well, I went to one store to look for a coat, just to see what the price was, but it was steeper than I could handle at the moment, and besides, the coats they had were an ugly gray-green color.  Anyway, the one additional purchase I made was one I desperately needed, since it was raining and my umbrella was falling apart.  So now I have not just new glasses but a new bumbershoot.

Oh, and I went to Gold Star Chili for lunch, because it was the closest place to the glasses store and wouldn’t require me to cross the street with blurry vision.  And I saw that they had a vegetarian chili available, so I tried that as a 3-way (i.e. on spaghetti and topped with cheese).  Not entirely a healthy choice, since the cheese evidently disqualified it from warranting the little heart-healthy icon in the menu.  But it seemed to have a lot less cheese than the usual amount, based on my limited experience with Gold Star.  Anyway, it was okay for fast-food chili, and was a rather novel interpretation of vegetable-based chili.  I wasn’t surprised by the kidney beans and tomatoes, or even the corn, but I never would’ve expected the diced carrots and baby lima beans.  Not bad, though.

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  1. Charlie
    December 7, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    My parents have recent become vegan vegetarian for health reasons mostly, and they have made some very interesting vegetarian variations of meals such as chili. They also found that putting carrots in the chili helped give it a slightly sweeter taste AND helped to cut down on the heart burn since it helped take away some of the acidic-ness without having to add sugar!

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