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Ooh, I almost forgot…

Here’s a link to my little cell-phone video I took of the Enterprise at the NASM the other week.  I can’t embed it here with my current WordPress account, so it’s at Facebook:


Haven’t gotten around to putting up photos on Facebook yet.  I’ve been kind of useless for the past couple of weeks, not getting much of anything done.  Although I have been starting to make progress lately.  I’ve finally gotten some work done on an article that’s due next month, and I just now got it up to the target length, though it could still probably stand some revisions.  And I’ve started to get my mind back in gear thinking about my original writing, though I haven’t achieved much yet beyond thinking.

There have been a couple of blog posts I’ve been planning on writing, but I had these other responsibilities I wanted to deal with first, and it wouldn’t have felt right to focus on blogging when I should’ve been focusing on more important writing; but then I just ended up procrastinating and not getting any of it done.  Hopefully I’m pulling out of that rut now and will get more done in both respects.

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