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Getting started

Beginnings are important.  I’ve been planning to get started on a third Hub story, but I haven’t managed to focus on it, being distracted by other things.  I had a general idea of how I wanted the opening scene to go, but it was lingering in potentia rather than solidifying in my mind.

Then, this morning, I thought of what the first sentence should be.  That gave me the viewpoint character and his state of mind, and from that foundation, the dialogue started writing itself in my head.  I didn’t immediately sit down and start writing, because I was making lunch at the time, but after lunch, I remembered that I had this scene in my head ready to be written, so I sat down with my laptop and wrote it.  And I worked in not only the dialogue that came to me at lunchtime, but the other bits of plot and business I’d contemplated, fragments that had formerly lacked a solid starting point to let me lock them in.  All but one.  There’s one bit of dialogue I was hoping to work in, something which is at once a joke and a bit of exposition I’ve overlooked, and in fact my choice of setting and situation for the opening scene is largely to set up that joke.  But I reached a point where I realized I had no good way of segueing into the necessary topic, and then I realized the scene was essentially over anyway.  Besides, it will feel less contrived if I include the gag later, not so close to the thing that sets it up.  I’m not sure where I will use it instead, but hopefully I’ll find something.

And that’s the thing… although I now have the first scene, my ideas for the rest of the story are still pretty tentative.  I know how I want to end it, and I know what I want to happen to lead to that ending, but the specifics aren’t there yet.  Hopefully now that I’ve gotten started, the rest will begin to come.

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