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Even less useless

Well, I’ve done the majority of my accumulated dirty dishes, though there are still several large items and a few small ones left.  I decided to listen to my new CD of the complete Jerry Goldsmith score to Star Trek V; now that I have a compact CD player in my bedroom, I can put it on a chair and roll it into the hallway so I can listen to music in the kitchenette, which can be a nice way of making it less tedious to do the dishes.  It took me just about 24 of the disc’s 26 tracks to finish the dishes (or at least as many as I could), about 68 minutes.  That’s maybe 3 times longer than it usually takes me, which makes sense since I had about 3 days’ worth to get through.  Though admittedly I was occasionally stopping to listen to a really great bit of music.  I finished off the remaining 5 minutes of the disc by cleaning the stovetop and refilling my filtered-water pitcher.

I guess laundry will have to be tomorrow.  Too bad I only have one clean, intact sock left.


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