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Not completely useless

Well, just after I made my last post promising to go out and buy stuff immediately thereafter, I realized that there was a show on at 4:30 I intended to watch.  But then, I was planning to tape it anyway.  (The Hub network — a kidvid channel owned by Hasbro, no relation to my Hub stories — is rerunning the animated Men in Black: The Series, and I’m taping the first season, the only one really worth keeping.)  So I waited until 4:30, started the tape, and then went out.  I was tempted to walk it, but it was below freezing and I knew it would take too long.  Plus I was getting things from more than one place, so it was handy to be able to leave them in the car.  Anyway, it all worked out.

Now I just have to do the dishes I’ve allowed to pile up over the past 2-3 days… and the laundry… and proofreading the DTI galleys… and…

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