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Banana quick bread

I tried something new today — banana quick bread.  I’ve used this storebought mix a number of times, but only to make muffins, because, quite simply, I didn’t have a loaf pan.  But when my father passed away and we were taking care of his possessions, one of the kitchen items I brought home with me was a glass loaf pan, and I finally got around to using it for this.

I was going to do this last week, but I was out of bananas.  I wanted to mix one in.  I also took the box’s suggestion to sprinkle 1/4 cup of chopped (or rather, hand-crumbled) walnuts on top.  I think maybe I should’ve used a thicker covering on top, though, because the edges came out pretty black.  But conversely, the interior is a bit underdone and crumbly.  Maybe it would work better with a larger pan or something (mine is 8×4 in.), or maybe my oven rack was too high.

Anyway, I had two slices of it with veggie sausage for dinner, but due to its crumbliness and the resistance of the nut coating on top, I had to cut thick slices, so I ate too much.  I should’ve just had one slightly thicker slice.  Anyway, aside from the burnt edges, it turned out okay — not great, but okay.  I guess I can chalk it up to experience.

But at least I’ve finally used the loaf pan.  I’m tempted to try a veggie-crumble “meat” loaf next, if I can find a good recipe (and if that’s even doable).

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