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What sounds loud, but isn’t?

Last night, I was kept awake until well after midnight by a persistent low noise of someone playing an electric guitar, just the low end of the bass coming through my walls — not loud, but deep and persistent, enough to distract and annoy me.  I assumed it was coming from some loud stereo somewhere nearby, loud enough to send that deep rumble through my walls, and I wondered why nobody in the adjacent building (where it seemed to be coming from) was complaining.  I finally managed to get to sleep, but just a little while ago, it started up again, so I decided to go over to the manager’s office and complain.  But when I went outside, I couldn’t hear the supposedly loud music.  Nor could I hear anything when I went into the building next door.  And the manager was no help; apparently the vibrations I was hearing were below his lower threshold of pitch sensitivity.  So I tried to seek out the source of the noise.  And I discovered there was a very quiet electric guitar sound audible through the door of my downstairs neighbor.  I guess his amplifier is pressed right up against a wall or building member and is sending low vibrations up to me even when he’s playing quietly.  Like I said, they’re not actually loud at all, just distracting, and I assumed they were from something loud and relatively distant, but they were actually from something quiet and close by.

Anyway, hopefully it won’t be a problem again, at least not late at night.

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