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I wish I could go for a walk…

…but it’s 9 degrees Fahrenheit outside with a predicted high of 18 F.  Yeegh.  Plus we had some moderately heavy snowfall yesterday.  So I’m pretty much stuck in my little apartment.  Which is making it hard for me to focus on my writing, since it’s too easy to waste time browsing the Web.  I can think better when I can get outside, away from distractions.  Plus it helps to be physically active and to get a change of scenery.

But it’s not a total loss.  I’ve actually started to make some significant progress on a new Star Trek idea I’m planning to pitch soon.  It’s still pretty tenuous, but the ideas are starting to come more rapidly and I’ve got enough of a conceptual framework to help me build further.  Though that means the new Hub story I started recently is stalled for now.  The last work I did on that was actually un-writing; I added a scene that I subsequently decided was unnecessary to this story, so I lifted it out and set it aside for possible future use.

I did go out for a bit yesterday, since I had library materials due and also needed to stop by the post office to renew my PO box.  I was hoping I could walk, but that was when the snow was coming down pretty heavily, and it was still fairly loose and slippery on the sidewalks.   Also, it’s a 2-mile round trip, and being out in that kind of cold for any length of time is enervating.  If I’d walked the whole way, I would’ve been useless for the rest of the day.  Heck, it was rough enough just brushing off the car and driving through the falling snow.  No snow falling now, but… 9 degrees F.

Anyway, when I got back, I was a bit concerned about the slipperiness of the steep sidewalk I’d have to negotiate to get down to my apartment building’s front door, something that’s given me trouble in past winters.  But I had an idea — I could just walk from the parking lot to the entrance of the building that houses the office, then go downstairs to its lower level and out its rear door, which (due to the vagaries of the complex’s construction) is just a short walk from the front door to my building.  And that way, all my outdoors walking is on level ground (except for the stairs up to my building’s front door), no slippery slopes to worry about.  It worked superbly, and I realized it would work just as well in the other direction.

And what gets me is that I’ve lived here over seven years now and I’ve only just figured that out.

Okay, granted, I’ve only had a car, and thus a reason to go to the parking lot, for just under three years.  Still, I’ve gone that route often enough to get to the office, and I should’ve realized that it works as an alternative way to get up to/down from normal street level.  If I’d thought of it years sooner, I could’ve avoided a lot of icy sidewalks.

  1. January 22, 2011 at 7:36 am

    Just been for a little wander myself. The weather here in South Wales is crisp with some frost and icy patches on the pavements and I nearly slipped over a couple of times.

    Any hints as to what your new Trek project might be? Also, if you’re interested, I’ve just done a review of Hunter, Prey on my blog. It’s a cracking sci-fi movie that I really think you’ll like.

    All the best for your future endeavours.

    • January 22, 2011 at 9:05 am

      I haven’t even pitched this Trek proposal yet, so I have no idea if it’ll go anywhere. Hopefully it’ll be one of several pitches. No point in dropping hints about something that might not happen.

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