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Home improvements, marginal

I just got back from an impromptu trip to pick up a book from the library.  I could’ve just requested a hold and picked it up from my local branch in a few days, but I wanted it promptly and I wanted an excuse to get out of the apartment, so I drove to the nearest branch that allegedly had it available according to the online catalog, namely the main branch downtown.  It was hard to find parking, which I should’ve expected on a Monday morning, I guess, and when I finally got in, they didn’t have it on the shelf.  I could’ve asked about it, but I’d hit the button for ten free minutes on the meter rather than putting any coins in, so I decided I’d drive over to another branch that claimed to have it, the one in the neighborhood where I grew up.  They weren’t open until noon, though, so I drove up to the mall a few blocks away to go to the household-goods store they have there and look for a couple of things I’ve been wanting for a while now: 1) An area rug to put under my “office” chair so its wheels wouldn’t do more damage to the carpet, and 2) some sort of table thingy I could put near the bathtub to rest books on, but small enough not to be an obstruction.  I found both.  I’m not sure how well the rug will work out, since it doesn’t stay in place as well as I’d hoped, but the little corner-table thing I found looks like it’ll work nicely for my needs.  It’s used and a bit decrepit, but I was more concerned with functionality and economy than aesthetics.

Then I went to lunch at the Donato’s nearby, because I love their Hawaiian pizza.  I know some people find the idea of ham-and-pineapple pizza to be strange, unpleasant, or blasphemous, and I have had at least one variety (frozen/storebought) that I disliked, but the Donato’s variety (which uses thin-shaved ham and also includes almonds and cinnamon as toppings) is delicious.

Then I went to the library and found the book I wanted, and then I was going to go to the grocery store, but I realized en route that I didn’t have a bag for my household purchases — I just carried them to the trunk — so it would be difficult to carry those and groceries at the same time.  And there’s really nothing on my list that can’t wait another day or two.  Groceries had just been an excuse to justify the trip if I didn’t achieve my other goals, but I did, so the trip was adequately justified already.  So I just came home.

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