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DTI cover & blurb

February 6, 2011 4 comments

Well, the final cover and almost-final blurb for DTI: Watching the Clock are up at the Simon & Schuster site:

It turns out that what I thought was going to be the tentative cover:

…is actually the final cover.  It was decided that the more elaborate cover design I’d seen sketches of, which would’ve featured the faces of the main characters as well as the clock image, wasn’t working out aesthetically, and most of the characters wouldn’t have been recognizable to book buyers anyway.  So they decided to go for something more abstract.  The “cast photo” approach was basically my suggestion, since I thought it would help to give the readers a visual reference for these mostly new characters, but I guess it would’ve been rather cluttered, and this purer image is probably a lot more striking.  Cliff Nielsen is the artist.

As for the blurb at that link, at the moment of this writing it contains a minor error; the first sentence implies that the DTI is part of Starfleet, which it isn’t.  I’m told that will be fixed on the site, and if possible on the final cover.