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RoboCop: The Series at last!

I am possibly the world’s biggest fan of RoboCop: The Series, the live-action TV series adaptation that ran for one season in 1994-5.  A lot of people consider it too goofy and toned-down, but I think people often miss the point that RoboCop was always intended as a comedy-satire.  As for the reduction of violence, I find that preferable to what was in the movies, and only responsible considering how popular RoboCop has always been with children.  It’s also more believable, since cops are obligated to use minimum necessary force.  Anyway, although it definitely tended toward goofiness and overused the cute kid in the early episodes, I think it was a fun, witty series with a great cast, great music, and interesting concepts of police futurism.  Richard Eden was my favorite RoboCop ever, including Peter Weller, and Yvette Nipar as his partner was breathtakingly gorgeous and an excellent actress to boot.

But for a long time, it was never available on home video.  I’ve had to rely on my VHS tapes from the then-SciFi Channel’s 1997-8 reruns, which are missing two episodes and which I’ve watched so many times that the image quality is badly eroded.  Now, last year I inherited my father’s VCR/DVD dubbing deck, and I’ve been meaning to get around to using it to archive my old videotapes in digital format.  I finally got around to starting that yesterday, and I decided to begin with my RoboCop tapes, because I wanted to get them archived before they eroded any further. So I got the first three episodes dubbed yesterday, and started on the fourth a little while ago.  But during a commercial break on the tape (which I don’t think I can fast-forward through while I’m dubbing), I wanted to remind myself what episode was next, so I went to Wikipedia to find the series’ episode list.  And while there, I noticed a notation that there had been a Canadian DVD release of the complete series last July!  It was so low-profile that I never heard about it.  Once I confirmed on TVShowsOnDVD.com that it was the full series and found that it is for sale on the American Amazon.com, I hastened to place my order — all while I was in the middle of dubbing an episode I no longer needed to dub.  Oops!  Well, at least I only wasted two DVD-Rs before I found out.  Still, I wish I’d thought to double-check its DVD availability before I began the dubbing.  Heck, I wish I’d known about this eight months ago.  This has been my home-video holy grail, and it’s been out there for a while and I didn’t even know.

But that’s okay.  RoboCop: The Series is finally on DVD, and I’m finally going to own it!  It’s a bare-bones set, no special features, but still — no more faded pictures, no more fast-forwarding through phone-psychic commercials from 1997, and I’ll finally get those two missing episodes I haven’t seen in over a dozen years.

And now, I must go.  Somewhere there is a crime happening.

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