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Having a good week

Well, I’ve been getting a lot of good news this week.  First I found that my long-awaited RoboCop: The Series was now available on DVD.  Then on Thursday, I got a check from the Russian ESLI magazine for the reprint of my second Hub story, “Home is Where the Hub Is.”  Then, when I deposited it in the bank, the clerk told me my credit card had earned enough reward points that I could get over $150 cash back.  Then on Friday, I had my taxes done and found out that I was due a nice hefty refund.  (Which is actually the last bit of my inheritance from my father, which I think I already knew I was going to get refunded because it was only withheld for some kind of technical tax reason, but I’d forgotten that.)

And then there was the best bit of news, which came on Thursday night, but which I’m not ready to talk about yet.  Hopefully soon.

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