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I need better bread!

I’ve been getting some very good news lately on the writing front, and hopefully the contracts will come soon so I can tell you about it all, but anyway, it’s prompted me to do a little shopping lately.  So yesterday I happened to be in a big grocery store I haven’t visited in a while, and came across a product I haven’t had in a while: precooked, frozen turkey meatballs.  So I decided to buy some as well as the fixings for meatball hoagies (aka subs).  I couldn’t find hoagie buns there, though, and I forgot to get provolone, so I made a trip to the local grocery store this morning to remedy those.  So for lunch today, I made a hoagie — I heated up seven meatballs and some pasta sauce in the microwave and lightly sauteed some onions and green peppers, and put them on a lightly toasted bun with provolone on top, then put the whole thing in the microwave for an extra 25 seconds to melt the cheese.

And then when I tried to eat it, I discovered the bottom was too soggy and flimsy for me to pick the thing up.  I’d forgotten that the problem with pre-cut, store-bought buns is that they always make the lower half inexplicably thin, often to the point of near-uselessness.  I’d brought a spoon along for scooping up anything that might fall out of the sandwich, but the sandwich was so structurally unsound that I ended up having to cut it up and eat it with the spoon!  It tasted good, but I can’t call it a success as a sandwich.

So what are my options for the future, assuming I’m stuck with the hoagie buns I have until I use them up?  Maybe toasting the bun longer would help, or maybe I could put the cheese on the bottom so the bun doesn’t soak up as much moisture from the sauce.  And I should probably remember to take the cheese out of the fridge sooner so I don’t need to put the sandwich in the microwave to melt it (since microwaving bread makes it soggy).  But probably the simplest option is just to use the buns upside-down.

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