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A productive day in a productive week

A number of my writing projects seem to be converging on my attention in a short span of time.  I’ve been spending this week writing the outline for Star Trek: Forgotten History, taking a break from the manuscript for Star Trek: Typhon Pact: The Courage of Conscience to do so.  Meanwhile, I’ve begun getting the first reviews for DTI: Watching the Clock on the TrekBBS and finally getting to talk about it in detail.  Last night, I was a bit stuck figuring out the back 1/3 of FH, but an opportunity arose to deal with yet another writing project that I should be able to talk about soon.  Then last night, I had a new thought that turned out to be the key to solving my FH dilemma, and I outlined the whole concluding third of the novel in one session this morning (though it’s just the first draft and I have another week or so to revise it).  That left me free to switch gears to TCoC, and I went out on my balcony to think about it.  At first I wasn’t really accomplishing anything except getting sleepy (it’s chilly out, and I didn’t get much sleep last night), but when I lay down and took a bit of a nap, I found some specifics coming to mind, enough to let me write the next scene and get a bit of a headstart on the one after that.

So my mind has really been jumping back and forth between projects lately.  Maybe that’s good.  I often have trouble focusing on one project on an ongoing basis.  I’ve suspected in the past that jumping back and forth among multiple projects would help me keep busy without getting too bogged down with one thing at a time, and maybe getting some distance from one project for a bit while working on another would help me work out its problems sooner.   I tried working that way in ’09, and it led to the writing and sale of a number of novelettes that were published in ’10, so maybe it’s something I need to get back in the habit of doing.

Nonetheless, I’ve also been watching rather a lot of TV this past week, thanks to On Demand cable and Netflix.  So I haven’t been a complete workaholic.  At least I’ve gotten enough work done that I don’t need to feel guilty about all the TV.  Hey, it also helps me get distance and clear my head when I’m stuck on something.  You can’t force inspiration, you know.

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