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Finally, a post from Seattle

I wasn’t able to post until now because the hotel didn’t get its wi-fi working until this morning.  Anyway, the flight was fine — only slightly delayed starting out, a bit early arriving.  And I had virtually no anxiety on the flight.  I guess becoming a driver and coping with the hazards there has made me more blase about flying, which of course is a lot safer.  I may do this more often in the future, though airports are still a hassle.  (I didn’t get searched, but I did have to take off my shoes.)  And literally seconds after I stepped off the plane, my cousin Cynthia called to let me know she was nearly there to pick me up.  My bag came out on the carousel thingy pretty promptly, only moments after Cyn arrived.  So that went very smoothly.

Hotel: not so great.  Nice-looking place, nice-looking room, very nice-looking female desk clerks, but little in-house food available (though plenty of restaurants in the area), unreliable wi-fi, and the vending machine down the hall stole 30 cents from me this morning.  I can see the Space Needle from my room, though.

Tourism-wise, Cynthia, her friend Drake, and I have been to several attractions.  Friday was the Museum of Flight, where we got to see a Concorde — far smaller and more cramped than I expected — and a plane that used to be Air Force One for several presidents from Eisenhower through Nixon.  Saturday morning was the Boeing Future of Flight exhibit and factory tour.  The Boeing factory is reputedly the largest building by interior volume on Earth.  It was pretty darn huge.  No pictures allowed, for fear of corporate espionage (which just leads me to figure that rival corporations would hire spies with photographic memories).  It was interesting to learn about the new high-tech 787 jets they’re building, made with lightweight composite materials and all sorts of high-tech improvements.  Yesterday the three of us plus Uncle Clarence and Cousin Barbara went to see the Space Needle and the Seattle Science Center.  Former: cool, great view.  Latter: disappointing, mostly for kids.  Later we went down the market and aquarium by Puget Sound, which were interesting, though I’m not fond of fish.  Interesting octopus and seals/otters, though.

Oh, and on Friday we went out to a shoreside park on Puget Sound, and it’s the first time in my memory I’ve stood someplace where an ocean tide was coming in, even a gentle one.  It was fascinating to watch and hear.

The reason we’re here, of course, was my sister’s wedding, which was Saturday evening.  It was a nice nontraditional, nondenominational ceremony in a local studio, informal, though I wore my suit.  Interesting catered buffet afterward.  And hey, I have a brother-in-law now.  Imagine that.  Congratulations, Kathleen and Larry.

Last night, we had a family dinner and I handed out copies of DTI: Watching the Clock.  Today, after a family ceremony for the ashes of my father and his mother (Grandma was from Seattle), we’ll hopefully finally get to visit the Science Fiction Museum, which has been recommended to me by several people (including fellow Trek novelist Greg Cox, himself a Seattleite, who used the SFM as a location in a novel based on the TV series The 4400).  Then I’ll have a pretty free day Sunday morning and afternoon, and then I’ll hang out with Kathleen, Larry, and their cat (yay!) until they take me to the airport.

Oh, and my deadline for Star Trek: Typhon Pact: The Courage of Conscience was today (with an extension if needed).  I finished the first draft Thursday evening, then revised it on the plane and in the hotel on Friday and Saturday.  Yesterday morning, I went out to Seattle Center to find a wi-fi hot spot and e-mailed the story to my editor.  I hope it went through.  I would’ve done more online, but my fingers were freezing.  It got quite comfortable later in the day, though.

So that’s Seattle so far.  More pictures later, probably.

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