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Close call

I’m feeling a little shaky, since I just had a minor accident that could potentially have been worse.  I was starting to put away the dishes that had been sitting in my drying rack, and as I was lifting a drinking glass up toward the cabinet, for some reason I had it too close and it smashed against the bottom of the cabinet and broke.  Startled, with pieces of the glass falling out of my hand, I reflexively tried to catch it…

…by clutching it against my body.

Which is a stupid move when dealing with broken glass.  Once I realized that, I checked myself for stab wounds.  Mercifully, I only found a tiny, millimeters-long cut to my abdomen, and a slightly larger hole in my shirt.  So I went into the bathroom to clean and bandage the cut — and while I was trying to tear open the band-aid, I noticed there was blood on my left wrist.  I’d cut myself there too and hadn’t even felt it.  But it was also a minor cut, and it just needed some soap and water and another band-aid.

Still, if I’d clutched that broken glass more tightly, or been slower to realize what an unwise thing that was, I might’ve stabbed myself more deeply.  Probably not life-threateningly so, but still, it’s kind of unnerving to have one’s own reflexes turn on one like that.

Well, at least I’ve disproved Murphy’s Law of Glassware, as I defined it in my earlier post of that name:

It seems there’s some kind of cosmic law that when you get a set of drinking glasses, they will systematically break until you have only one left, which will last forever.

I wrote that because I had four tumbler-sized drinking glasses that were the last survivors of their respective sets, and whenever a glass broke, it always seemed to be from a newer set.  However, the tumbler that broke just now was one of those four stragglers.  That particular set no longer has any survivors, at least not in my possession.  Indeed, I didn’t really care for this glass much, since it narrowed a bit toward the top and was thus a bit tricky to get the washcloth into.  So I guess it’s some consolation that it was my least favorite glass that broke.

And now I really need to go clean the broken glass out of the sink and get some lunch into me.

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