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Aang, interrupted

Well, darn it.  When I got my DVR a little while back, I decided it gave me a chance to catch up on the reruns of Avatar: The Last Airbender airing on Nicktoons at various times of various days.  They seemed to run through them pretty quickly, so I figured I’d wait until I’d collected all 61 episodes, or nearly all with the end in sight, and then watch them straight through in as short a time as feasible.  Annoyingly, they didn’t show them in order, so I had all the third season before getting most of the second.  And then when I had only two episodes left in season 2, they skipped them and started over again, and I had to wait a few more weeks to get them.

But finally last week I got them all, so I started watching them.  And it went fine for a while.  But then the recordings started cutting off before the episodes ended, because the airings ran a bit over.  Now, normally my preference with recordings is to set them for extra time before and after just in case of such discrepancies, but since a lot of these episodes were aired back-to-back, I figured that would overlap them and create a conflict.  Now, when it was just the last few moments of an episode, I could live with it — since if it was a really important scene, it would probably be in the next episode’s recap anyway.  But then I started coming upon episodes that were running three minutes late or even five minutes.  That was just unacceptable, so I gave up, about a third of the way through season 2.

So I tried to figure out what to do next.  Buy the DVDs?  I intend to eventually, but I’ve got my Shore Leave trip coming up and I want to save my money for now.   But I realized something.  I remembered that the cable box/DVR actually has two tuners and is able to record two things at once, so long as you don’t try to watch a third show on the box at the same time.  I figure there’s no reason both tuners can’t be on the same channel (at least, I hope there isn’t), so it should be possible to overlap two consecutive recordings.  So I decided to erase my existing recordings of A:TLA seasons 2 & 3 and start collecting them again, this time setting the DVR to run five extra minutes.  But it looks like Nicktoons is still showing them in a bizarre order and it’ll probably be at least three weeks before I get them all (though maybe if I’d started a few days earlier I could’ve gotten them).  But I guess waiting a few weeks is better than waiting several months between blocks of episodes, like I did when it originally aired.  I won’t meet my goal of watching the whole thing in one big clump, at least not until I eventually get the DVDs.  But I guess that’s what you get when you try something new: unexpected results.  It was an experiment and I learned something.

  1. Bruce Gibson
    July 4, 2011 at 1:16 pm

    I would suggest subscribing to Netflix. All episodes are listed in order for viewing online and will cost you less than $10/month.

    • July 4, 2011 at 1:26 pm

      I am a Netflix subscriber, but for a while now, my DSL connection has been too slow for me to take advantage of streaming video. That seems to have more or less changed now; with my new computer, the connection is often extremely fast, but with occasional bouts of slowness. Still, I’ve already nearly re-collected the entire second and third seasons of A:TLA on my DVR, since Nicktoons has gone through them very quickly these past couple of weeks. And testing the DVR’s capabilities was really the point. If it had just been about the show itself, I would’ve rented or bought the DVDs. But I wanted to try using the DVR to collect a complete series and watch through it in sequence.

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