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Leaving for Shore Leave today…

But I’m not sure when.  The computer place still hasn’t gotten my new laptop battery in, so I pretty much have to wait until either they have it or I’m sure they won’t get it today.  I’ll be able to get by without it, so long as I bring the power cord, but I’ll have more flexibility if I have a working battery.   Actually we tried another battery yesterday, an untested one the store guy picked up at the distributor or something, but it wouldn’t charge at all.  Which is the same problem the other battery has.  I’m starting to wonder if the fault could be with the laptop itself rather than the batteries.

(I considered taking the old laptop, but it’s heavier and much slower, and its battery only has a couple of hours’ worth of life anyway.)

As it happens, the latest time it’s likely to come in is just about the latest time I’m willing to leave, around 2.  That should give me 6-7 hours of daylight for driving.  Less than I’d like, but enough to get at least halfway to Baltimore.  And really, it doesn’t matter if I don’t get too far today, since I’ll have pretty much all day tomorrow; I don’t have any events that day until Meet the Pros at 10 PM.  Still, hopefully I’ll be able to get on the road earlier today, to give myself more leeway.  The forecast calls for scattered thunderstorms along my route tomorrow, so the more driving I can get in today, the better.

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